Anthropologists such as Leach and Anthony Stavrianakis are pausing to ask about the nature of such collaborative experiments, in the process demonstrating that idealizations of collaboration often fail amid the constraints of collaborative infrastructures.

Drawing from research on collaborative projects at the Corning Museum of Glass, healthcare sharing ministries, the Deal Island Marsh and Community Project, translational medicine and phage therapy, and information technology and programming, we ask what might be learned through the study of collaborative infrastructures that can inform collaborative ethnographic engagements.

Describing the project as "An immersive and collaborative experience that is informed by the ever-changing and immediate nature of the material itself," the program encourages these designers, who typically don't have access to the material of molten glass, to collaborate with glass artists in order to "Realize new forms, functions, and meanings for glass".

The program rests on the conviction that new and significant possibilities can emerge from the collaboration of experts in an experimental environment in which the material is the catalyst for innovation.

The project combines science and social science research with a process of collaborative learning.

Activities promoting collaboration include research, workshops, and public meetings.

Additional work is planned for a collaborative coastal resiliency assessment designed around a participatory…

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