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Most Popular Articles

B: Philosophy

Hyphenation Station: When Not to Use a Hyphen

by Timothy McAdoo This may sound like a judgment call, but the following guidelines can help you make the call in many cases. Adding a hyphen would be redundant. For example, in the phrase widely attended gatherings readers understand that widely modifies attended. All five general principles for hyphens can also be found in this FAQ.

Q: Science

Tips for scientists to deal with the media

I regularly give science communication workshops that include tips for dealing with reporters and journalists in the mass media. Most of these tips come from my own experience, or from stories I’ve heard from close colleagues. Instead of just teaching these important lessons to a select few who get to hear about them in person, I’ve decided to write a little post listing the most important points. Most of the following has little to do with maximising the likelihood of getting an interview, but these tips should help you avoid problems should a reporter notice your important work. A good rule of thumb is to write a release for nearly every peer-reviewed article you publish, even if you think no one will be that interested. You can maximise the probability of uptake of your press release if you foster good working relationships with journalists. Register on expert media sites so that journalists can find you (e.g., like Scimex, Expert Guide, Ocean Expert, etc.). If you are travelling, make sure you have an emergency contact auto-responder designed specifically for deadline-enslaved journalists. And make sure you test your language on a non-expert — what’s jargon to a non-specialist might not appear to be jargon at all to you.

C: Auxiliary Sciences of History

Using Gazetteers to locate places on maps -- Part Two

One of the ongoing puzzles of genealogical research is the changing face of the world's places. Political and social forces around the world affect changes to boundaries, names and the inhabitants of the locations where our ancestors lived. Some of these changes are obvious such as the British Colonies in America becoming the United States of America. Other changes are not so obvious such as when a local school district is relocated or a county boundary adjusted. One example of this almost constant change from my own ancestry involves the partial consolidation of Huntingdonshire, an historical county in England into present day Cambridgeshire in 1976. Our concern about these changes stems from the fact that the sometimes seemingly random changes in all these jurisdictions affect how and where records are created and ultimately where they are presently located. One of the ongoing puzzles of genealogical research is the changing face of the world's places. It should be apparent that the record would have been made, if it was, at about the time of the marriage. A search on, the largest online library based catalog, show over 63,000 books and other publications cataloged as gazetteers. Let's suppose that I found a reference to an event that took place in Feaster, Arizona. You might note that the last entry here is to a Map and Directions. I would have found the same location. Immense amounts of historic geographic data have been incorporated into the large…

D: History

The Trump Upheaval

The Citizen He is emotional and picks personal fights easily. The acronym MMM (Mexican, Muslim, Misogyny) described the core of his campaign. Much is being made of the fact that the United States will have a Republican-controlled Senate, House of Representatives and the White House for the first time in more than 30 years. Senator Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s challenger in the Democratic primary campaign and a politician of substantial grassroots following, has already warned. For instance, the First Amendment (free exercise of religion and freedom of speech), Fourth (protection against unreasonable searches and seizures), Fifth (protection against self-incrimination), Eighth (imposition of excessive bail, cruel and unusual punishment) and 14th (equal protection under the law). Challenges to Trump will also come from ordinary citizens. If Trump attempts to start mass deportation of undocumented immigrants, many of them living in America in shockingly poor conditions, there will be court battles for years. Trump has pledged to repeal the law, but that pledge is vague. Trump’s promise to rebuild America’s infrastructure will cost an estimated one trillion dollars. Changes on the international scene will be dramatic, blunt and palpable. Article 5 of the NATO treaty says that an attack on any member-state will be treated as an attack on the whole alliance, and will trigger an automatic collective response. Trump has said that he would defend NATO member-states…

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