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V: Naval science

CNP and MCPON on the Rating Title Review

From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs Robert Burke, and Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Mike Stevens on the Navy’s rating title review that will aim to provide greater detailing flexibility, more training and credentialing opportunities, be more gender inclusive, and ultimately translate Navy occupations more clearly to the American public. For the Navy’s end, it better fits the right Sailors with the right skills, in the right places at the right time.” We want to provide them with greater flexibility and opportunity, and chances for promotion. And at the end of that week, we came up with four courses of action of which we presented to the secretary of the Navy and the CNO. MC2: CNP, your team is in charge of leading the review. For the Navy’s end, it better fits the right Sailors with the right skills, in the right places at the right time. MC2: MCPON, you talked about their being more than 700 rating name changes in our history. We also want to ensure that what they do in the Navy is in good alignment with what industry is doing, because one day we all get out of the Navy and we seek other opportunities. How does the rating title review work in with what you’re doing with Sailors 2025? I think it is completely consistent with everything we’re doing with Sailor 2025. CNP: I’m really enthusiastic, and frankly proud of MCPON and MCPON’s leadership mess for coming up with this concept. This is an exciting time to be in the Navy right now, and I look…

N: Visual arts

Happy Birthday, Walt Whitman: The Beloved Poet’s Advice on Living a Vibrant and Rewarding Life

“Love the earth and sun and the animals, despise riches, give alms to every one that asks, stand up for the stupid and crazy, devote your income and labor to others… re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul…” Whitman carried it in his pocket for a long time, proudly showing to friends and lovers, and eventually reprinted it in full in the second edition, on the spine of which a particularly vitalizing sentence from the letter — “I Greet You at the Beginning of a Great Career” — was stamped in gold. Praising the book as brimming with “incomparable things said incomparably well,” Emerson buoyed Whitman’s spirit and soon sculpted public opinion into appreciation. He consumes an eternal passion and is indifferent which chance happens and which possible contingency of fortune or misfortune and persuades daily and hourly his delicious pay. To do this well is to compete with the laws that pursue and follow time.

Q: Science

A Gorilla Is Killed, And Our Parent-Shaming Culture Springs To Life

Alesia Buttrey attends a Monday vigil for the gorilla Harambe, outside the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. John Minchillo/AP hide caption The gorilla was killed because he was thought to have put the child's life at risk. All of us, by now, have probably seen examples of the vitriol involved in this shaming. That gorilla was irreplaceable. Online petitions don't go that far, but do suggest that there's widespread support for a vigorous blame-and-shame-the-parents response. The shaming behavior we're witnessing toward this mother is a peculiar kind of mob mentality. The combination of curiosity and Houdini-like skills means that many, many parents have had the experience that this mother had: a child slips away in a second, two seconds of chaos or distraction. My husband or I always caught her before anything awful happened, but is that because we were better parents than the mother in question at the zoo? Some of the shaming is aimed not at the mother, but instead at the individuals at Cincinnati Zoo who made the call for a "kill shot" instead of a tranquilizer shot. King is an anthropology professor at the College of William and Mary.

A: General

What Does “Kafkaesque” Really Mean? A Short Animated Video Explains

[embedded content] We have the Homeric, the Shakespearean, the Joycean, etc. Tavlin returns in the video above to explain the meaning of “Kafkaesque,” a less-abused descriptor but one we still may not fully appreciate. Tavlin references Kafka’s short story “Poseiden,” in which the god of the sea can neither explore nor enjoy his realm because he is buried under mountains of paperwork. His tragicomic stories act as a form of mythology for the modern industrial age, employing dream logic to explore the relationships between systems of arbitrary power and the individuals caught up in them. But as Tavlin admits later in the video, the bewildering mechanisms of power in stories such as The Trial also “point to something much more sinister”—the idea that arcane bureaucracies become self-perpetuating and operate independently of the people supposedly in power, who are themselves reduced to functionaries of mysterious, unaccountable forces. On the other hand, Kafka’s attention to the absurd, “reflects our shortcomings back at ourselves,” reminding us that “the world we live in is one we created.” I’m not so sure, as Tavlin concludes, that Kafka believed we have the “power to change for the better” the overcomplicated systems we barely understand. You get two free audiobooks with each trial.

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