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U: Military science

Get the Facts: 6 Common Myths About PTSD

By Katie Lange As members of the military, where traumatic events are common, it’s especially important that we understand the problem so we can get proper help. But there are a lot of common misconceptions about PTSD, which is very complex. There are four main symptoms of PTSD: reliving the event; avoiding people or situations that remind you of it; developing negative attitudes toward yourself and others; and developing hyperarousal – being easily startled and having constant feelings of jitteriness. While a lot of people go through traumatic ordeals and return to normal, many can’t, and it has nothing to do with a lack of toughness. Combat injuries, seeing friends and colleagues die and dealing with a sexual assault are big factors that lead to PTSD in the military, and our top leaders know it has nothing to do with mental weakness. According to Standard Form 86, Questionnaire for National Security Positions, having received mental health counseling is not in itself enough of a reason to revoke or deny eligibility for a clearance – several factors lead to that, not just one. Those sorts of actions can cause you to damage relationships and lead to fewer chances of moving up in the ranks – even causing you to lose rank and pay. But the majority of mental health care cases are confidential. It’s understandable that people are skeptical about getting help for mental illness, considering it’s a problem that isn’t easily solved with one counseling technique or medicine,…

V: Naval science

Navy Expeditionary Forces Providing Expeditionary Capabilities and Training during RIMPAC 2016

By Capt. Chris Merwin During RIMPAC, I am leading Combined Task Force 171 that oversees the Navy Expeditionary Forces (NEF) participating this year. PEARL HARBOR (July 9, 2016) Sailors of Coastal Riverine Squadron 3 conduct a high value asset transit at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam during Rim of the Pacific 2016. Let me explain what some of our forces will be doing during RIMPAC 2016. EOD forces will participate in a variety of joint and combined training ranging from equipment and diving familiarization, to site exploitation. JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM (July 10, 2016) Navy Diver 2nd Class Jesse Penner and Navy Diver 2nd Class Jimmy Mostek assigned to Mobile Diving Salvage Unit (MDSU) 1 are lowered into the water to conduct a survey of a dive training site as part of Rim of the Pacific 2016. MDSU-1 will provide command and control of fleet survey teams, Underwater Construction Team (UCT) 2 and coalition divers from the U.S. During RIMPAC, CRF will conduct long-range navigation with the U.S. This includes construction and maintenance of forward operating and logistics bases, airfield construction and expansion, repair to air and sea ports, roads, bridges and bunkers, as well as underwater construction to survey, restore and repair maritime infrastructure in ports and harbors. JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM (July 10, 2016) Sailors assigned to 2nd Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiment conduct a simulated disaster relief supply offload from the General Frank S. …

L: Education

How To Raise Brilliant Children, According To Science

LA Johnson/NPR You can shut her down with a "Just because." You can explain: "Red is for stop and green is for go." Or, you can turn the question back to her and help her figure out the answer with plenty of encouragement. No parent, teacher or caregiver has the time or patience to respond perfectly to all of the many, many, many opportunities like these that come along. "If you don't get it right, you will have an unlivable environment. And with this book, the two are putting forward a new framework, based on the science of learning and development, to help parents think about cultivating the skills people really need to succeed. They're getting all kinds of messages about children having to score at the top level on some test. Hirsh-Pasek: If Rip Van Winkle came back, there's only one institution he would recognize: "Oh! And computers are always going to be better than human beings at that. You present something you call the 21st-century report card. Collaboration is everything from getting along with others to controlling your impulses so you can get along and not kick someone else off the swing. Communication comes next, because you can't communicate if you have no one to communicate with. You can't learn anything if you haven't learned how to understand language, or to read. It's the 10,000-hour rule: You need to know something well enough to make something new. And if we don't rear children who are comfortable taking risks, we won't have successes. Can you…

K: Law

Refusing a search is a right, not a provocation

This is just incredible. brought a message of cooperation with police to a mostly African-American crowd of more than 200 people at Mount Olive A.M.E. I get the argument that you shouldn’t needlessly provoke them. In the interest of “cooperation,” he’s asking a black audience to give up their Fourth Amendment rights. We empower the police to protect our rights. We should certainly respect and be aware of that when interacting with law enforcement officers.

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