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Most Popular Articles

T: Technology

Setting up Docker on EC2

After piecing togetherseveral different sources, I finally found out how to properly configure docker storage to NOT use a loopback device on EC2. Without going through too much boring details about why this is a good idea to configure a different storage solution, here's the real solution: you need to use the "docker-storage-setup" command, which is installable through yum: You can easily create one through the AWS Console, I attached mine to /dev/sdf. I actually found I had to restart a few times using "shutdown -r now" just to make sure docker was going to come back up correctly on a fresh start.

P: Philology. Linguistics

The 2016 NLNG Prize Shortlist is a Win for Nigerian Publishers

Each passing day brings us closer to finding out who will win Africa’s richest prize. 173 authors initially submitted their work for a chance to win the 100,000 dollar NLNG Prize for Literature. 173 authors initially submitted their work for a chance to win the 100,000 dollar NLNG Prize for Literature. Dan Izevbaye, 11 authors survived the first round of selection. Two of the three shortlisted authors were published by independent nigerian publishers. Elnathan’s Born on a Tuesday was published by Cassava Republic, a successful independent press run by Bibi Bakare-Yusuf. But thanks to good leadership and wise investments, Parresia and Cassava Republic are thriving.

Z: Books, Libraries, Library Science

Breaking the algorithmic black box

The general public kind of knows about data privacy issues. But not really. Or they know, and they’re willing to trade for the ability to share things easily on social media. The general public kind of knows about data privacy issues. I liken it to people who eat hot dogs but avoid animal parts that aren’t in the shape of a steak. ProPublica aims to dig into the black box a bit in their ongoing coverage on machine bias.

V: Naval science

Navy Recruit Graduation: September 23, 2016

Welcome to Navy Live blog coverage of Recruit Training Command’s graduation, Pass-In Review. It is a formal military ceremony that honors a Sailor’s hard work and dedication to a new way of life. Pass-In-Review also ties together the future of the Navy with our long-held naval traditions and customs.

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