Quotes of the week:

He’s only recently been introduced to the President and is disconnected from the President’s advisers.

The State Department is like a ghost ship; the inexperienced Captain has a crew, but no officers.

The nation’s chief diplomat is supposed to talk up diplomacy, not announce its failure.

He isn’t inviting job applications from deconstructionists, and Trump still holds grudges against the veterans of former Republican administrations who signed letters attesting to his unsuitability to be the nation’s Crisis-Manager-in-Chief.

Many have noted that the Trump Administration has three choices when the next crisis comes: diplomacy, military action, or watching events take their course.

The art of the deal in a complex crisis requires nuance and depth that Trump doesn’t have and shows no aptitude for learning.

Tillerson’s acting deputy, Tom Shannon, a career diplomat and holdover from the Obama Administration, is only sometimes granted access to Oval Office meetings when Tillerson is traveling.

If the crisis occurs in a region that Tillerson does not know well, where are the senior diplomats who will advise him?

Absent a deputy and assistant secretaries, the Secretary of State can receive wise counsel from ambassadors – if they have not been sent packing by the White House or put on hold by Republican Senators.

In the event of an early crisis on the Korean Peninsula, there are no U.S.

Nor can the NSC presently serve as an interagency coordinating…

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