Addressing, American Urban Radio Networks Washington Bureau Chief April D. Ryan, White House press secretary Sean Spicer defended President Trump, saying, "You're hellbent on trying to make sure whatever image you want to tell about this White House stays." (Reuters)

And the more we see of him, the nastier he appears.

Ryan, the longtime White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks.

Ryan cited investigations into the activities of the Trump campaign and Russia.

And as he unfurled his explanation, he snapped at Ryan: “I’m sorry that that disgusts you.

On the one hand, you’re saying what are we doing to improve our image?

The record is fact — yet somehow Spicer couldn’t handle the weight of the recent past as presented by Ryan.

“It was insulting but … people are seeing the treatment of the press and how we are treated,” said Ryan in a chat with the Erik Wemple Blog.

Following her face-off with Spicer, Ryan received messages from many friends and colleagues, including Republicans and a former Republican White House press secretary.

But I’ll be back.

Watch the whole thing.

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