December 15, 2016 By Natalie Sopinka

When I first started the Library Nexus blog series, the focus was on what I could learn from the most traditional deliverable of a library; books.

To guide me on this path of discovering the university library of the 21st century, it was time to meet the humans of the library.

As part of her education and training to be a librarian, or to be more specific, a library information specialist, Jennie is completing a co-op placement at Leddy Library.

Jennie discussed legal intricacies of copying texts, implementation of business strategies, such as marketing, to enhance patron awareness of available resources, the costly challenge of providing online access to journals to library users, and the idea of libraries as a third place.

How are campus libraries embracing their potential to be third places which foster greater learning and creative thinking? Browsing the slides of a presentation by Joan Lippincott revealed libraries throughout North America are incorporating green spaces, social media initiatives, work areas with varied physical layouts, food and beverage options, and media commons.

I asked Mita for information on libraries and librarians-my information needs were fulfilled hundredfold! I first inquired about library culture in a digital era.

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