Hey! You suck at math and your shoes are stupid.

You suck at math and your shoes are stupid.

This is especially true if you consider being good at math as as an important part of your identity.

If you aim to get a better grade in that math class or a better performance review at work, then you are best served by understanding your flaws and figuring out how to improve.

You all.

Sometimes it feels good to win and to feel that you are mastering a challenging game.

So if you find out that you got a bad score on a math test you may not discredit that feedback if you’re also told that you are very likeable.

Specifically, they told them that they did horribly on the test and that they would be surprised if the subject could figure out how to pour water from a boot if the instructions were written on the heel.

If they had been so inclined and given the opportunity, they would likely have been more motivated to work towards improving themselves in that area.

I’ve kind of painted myself into a corner with this shoe thing now that I think about it.

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