As little television as I watch, when I am waiting to get my car worked on or at the dentist, there is always some movie featuring zombies.

The scenes are usually similar in nature - people run from zombies, the zombies somehow catch up to their prey, and one of the five to ten people running away becomes a victim, and then they become zombies.

The company wants to run from or shut down the zombie.

Here's how job candidates become zombies to employers: 1.

Don't be a zombie: If this is you, stop wondering why you rarely make it past the first round of interviews.

Otherwise, you're a zombie because you're like everyone else.

They act mindlessly The zombie job candidate may dig into a few interview questions to answer, but often gives a generic answer fitting any company.

Do you know the name of the person you talked to today on the phone? Did you respond to them by name? If not, you either are going through the motions, or you're a zombie.

Don't be a zombie: Successful candidates and careerists who steadily find opportunities are strategic and mindful.

Don't be a zombie: Be very discerning and inquiring about a position.

They don't answer direct questions The zombie job candidate has problems answering direct questions.

Don't be a zombie: Although you don't want to give canned answers, you want your answers to be thoughtful.

They lack enthusiasm The zombie job candidate doesn't show facial expressions, speak with inflections, or even smile.

A zombie job candidate…

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