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So, if you are an anthropology graduate student and you are not actively networking, this is for you.

#3 Opportunities are more plentiful when you have connections who think of you.

Conferences are one of the only places you can mingle with anthropologists outside of your department.

Fewer people attend panels Less free time.

Follow the social media and listservs of associations and sections relevant to you.

You don’t want to be the person scribbling your email on scraps of paper when you meet someone interesting.

Your business cards should have the name that you go by in publications and online, public contact information, and something memorable (e.g.

#ProTip : Staples will print 100 cards for ~$10.

Your statement should be brief and to the point and sound natural (something you would say, not something you would write).

I like to carry a card in my purse with it written down for reference.

If you have a plan and know something about people before you approach them, you will feel more confident and make a better impression.

This makes it easier to find them and introduce yourself.

For the AAA Meeting, you can also use CVs to find out if there are any open business meetings or events they may attend (e.g.

Prepare a question not a compliment.

Having a question prepared starts a conversation, tells them something about why you are talking to them, and shows your interest (which is flattering all on its own).

If you are nervous about meeting…

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